Currently, we have 6 stores in Vietnam, where we sell various products from Japan to people in Vietnam, including our dietary supplements.


  • “Ribeto Mart” 1 store – Mong Cai, Vietnam
  • “Kenbi” 3 stores – Hanoi (2) and Hai Phong (1), Vietnam

These 4 stores are specialized in cosmetic products.

In addition, we plan to launch “KEIN SHOKU” in Hanoi, Vietnam, in the coming July 2019. This will be a supermarket focusing on foods imported directly from Japan.

Stores Scheduled to Open

August 2019: A dietary supplements store is scheduled to open in a large wholesale market of medicine, “CHO THUOC TAY TO HIEN THANH”, in Ho Chi Minh.

September 2019: Our first “KEIN SHOKU” (flagship store), a supermarket focusing on Japanese food products, is scheduled to open in Hanoi.