When we develop our products, our priority is to provide “solid evidence” and “reliable products” to consumers.


“In Vietnam, 80% of the deaths are said to be caused by lifestyles, as there are changes in lifestyles
associated with the economic development and the people are fond of drinking alcohol.

Therefore the need for high quality Japanese dietary supplements is very high, and hence we soon started
developing products for the Vietnamese market.

We now develop products for Japan, Vietnam, and other Asian countries rapidly growing like Vietnam.”


Our lineup of products is backed by solid evidence and can be taken safely.

[KENTOUSHI] As a measure against junk food brought on by the economic development

[THE GOUTTO][Ichoha Ekisu Plus ] To prevent lifestyle related diseases

[SHUEN] For those who love to drink alcoholic beverages

[FUKUJYUSEN]To stay healthy with deer horn shaped reishi mushroom, made with patented method

[ Pico ® Collagen Premium ]For those with growing beauty and health consciousness

For details, please see our list of products.


“Our products are available at drugstore chains in Japan and online stores. We are also selling them in Vietnam
and getting some positive feedback.

Please feel free to contact us for information on stores that handle our products and inquiries for new business”